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Trees in Holbrook-Palmer Park

The tree committee takes an active interest in Holbrook-Palmer Park, plants new trees, advises the town on caring for existing trees, and occasionally leads tree walks for Atherton residents.

The committee is slowly augmenting a photographic Online Guide to Trees in the Park. Also see the Master Tree List from the park's 2005 Landscape Master Plan.

News About Trees in the Park

(April 2009) The park foundation is funding the re-landscaping of the area between the water tower and the pavilion and will be putting in irrigation.  There will be spots for 5-6 large crowning trees, probably oaks.  The spots will be selected before the irrigation goes in and the tree irrigation should be on a separate valve.

(April 2009) The committee will undertake to build raised beds in the park to raise tree seedlings.  One committee member has English Oak acorns ready to go.  Acorns for other species can be acquired from Specialty Oaks.  The necessary lumber for 6’ x 6’ beds is available from the logs being milled by Wood First.  The elm and oak lumber will hold up long enough to make the beds worthwhile.  The member can build the beds if there is electric power nearby.  The hardest part is digging the holes for the corner posts and it would help if Public Works could do this for us.  We plan to build the beds along the fence by the new corporation yard in the park, near the carriage house.  Drip irrigation could be provided from nearby water, probably using a solar-powered timer.  The committee will need to check first with Public Works and then with Parks and Recreation to make sure they have no problem with our building the beds. 


Live Oak The Atherton Tree Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to the preservation of Atherton's heritage trees. The committee participates in a variety of programs designed to educate residents about the value of trees in our environment and to encourage appreciation and protection of our urban forest resources. For more information about town ordinances, policies, inspections, and plan reviews contact the Atherton Town Arborist, Sally Bentz (650-752-0526, or link to the Town of Atherton Web Site. For more information about the Tree Committee contact Denise Kupperman (650-704-1693,