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Atherton Tree Awards


Every year the Town Council recognizes exceptional trees on individual owner properties. Eligible trees, judged by the Tree Committee, meet one or more of the following criteria: outstanding specimen; unique in size, age, species, or historical significance.  Awards may also be given for the best preserved tree and the best newly planted tree.  Nomination forms are available at the Town Administrative Offices, the Permit Center, or by clicking this link: Tree Award Nomination

In 2012 the town began giving a separate tree award for the contractor who did the best job of tree protection on a construction site during the year. The town arborist created a perpetual plaque to recognize the award-winning contractors. The 2015 award winners were DJ Balling for a site on Tuscaloosa Avenue and Alftin Construction for a site on Somerset Lane. Atherton requires that every contractor submit a tree protection plan and have it approved by the town before demolition or construction can begin on any site. Fenced tree protection zones around specific trees, as specified in the plan, must be maintained throughout construction and be inspected periodically by the town arborist. In 2012 the Contractor Tree Award went to Tapia Construction.

LiriodendronOakThe two homeowner Tree Award winners in 2012 were a liriodendron (Tulip Tree - photo on the left) and an oak (on the right).








Eastern RedbudValley OakTwo Tree Award winners from 2009 were a blooming Eastern Redbud and an exceptionally tall and stately Valley Oak.




Live Oak The Atherton Tree Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to the preservation of Atherton's heritage trees. The committee participates in a variety of programs designed to educate residents about the value of trees in our environment and to encourage appreciation and protection of our urban forest resources. For more information about town ordinances, policies, inspections, and plan reviews contact the Atherton Town Arborist, Sally Bentz (650-752-0526, or link to the Town of Atherton Web Site. For more information about the Tree Committee contact Denise Kupperman (650-704-1693,