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Reports and Information

The articles in this section provide useful and interesting information to Atherton residents. Most were written by Tree Committee members and some have appeared earlier in the Tree News. Links to the articles appear below.

General Topics

Checking Tree Care Credentials

Don't Let Landscaping Projects Kill Your Trees

Atherton Aids Elm Research

Saving Water in the Yard and Home

Atherton's Native Trees

Pruning: A Case Against Routine Thinning

Anthracnose Leaf Loss

The Urban Forest

Benefits of the Urban Forest

State of the Urban Forest - San Francisco Bay Area

The Care of Oaks

Sudden Oak Death Blitz Report Summary 2012

Sudden Oak Death Blitz Report Summaries 2010 and 2011

Oaks and Summer Water

Common Garden Practices that Harm Oaks

Oak Ailments: Identification and Treatment

Treating Oaks to Prevent Sudden Oak Death

Coast Live Oak Cankers in Years of Heavy Rain


Live Oak The Atherton Tree Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to the preservation of Atherton's heritage trees. The committee participates in a variety of programs designed to educate residents about the value of trees in our environment and to encourage appreciation and protection of our urban forest resources. For more information about town ordinances, policies, inspections, and plan reviews contact the Atherton Town Arborist, Sally Bentz (650-752-0526, or link to the Town of Atherton Web Site. For more information about the Tree Committee contact Denise Kupperman (650-704-1693,