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Arbor Day 2019

Three newly planted trees


Man securing a ten foot tall  newly planted oak between two stakes.Staked dogwood about six feet tall.The Town of Atherton and the Tree Committee celebrated Arbor Day in the town park on April 18, 2019 with the dedication of the Kathy Hughes Anderson Memorial Grove at the north end of the park. Kathy was the much respected and beloved town arborist for over twenty years, founded the Tree Committee, and established Atherton as a Tree City USA. The current town arborist, Sally Bentz, led the committee, town residents, and volunteers in planting a valley oak (Quercus lobata) and two toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia). Valerie Gardner, head of the town's Environmental Programs Committee, spoke about Kathy and dedicated the grove. On a beautiful day, over thirty attendees planted thirteen additional trees throughout the park, including coast live oak, red oak, hawthorn, fern pine, crabapple, red maple, and gingko. A photo of Kathy's grove appears above. To the left, a new live oak. To the right, a blooming dogwood.






Arbor Day 2018 Celebrated with Twenty New Trees

On Arbor Day, April 27, 2018, the Tree Committee celebrated the day by planting twenty new trees in Holbrook Palmer Park, probably more trees than on any previous Arbor Day. At right, Sally Bentz-Dalton, Town Arborist and Park Manager, with members of the Tree Committee and volunteer tree planters. For more photos and details click here.



Arbor Day 2016 Celebrated in Welcome Rain

The Tree Committee celebrated Arbor Day 2016 in Holbrook-Palmer Park on Saturday, April 9, led by town arborist, Sally Bentz. With the help of John McClenehan and Chris Regan of McClenehan Tree Service the committee planted a valley oak and three deodora cedars and an elm. (Arbor Day 2015 was also a happy celebration, but without the committee photographer and webmaster.)





Arbor Day 2014 Planting in Holbrook Palmer Park

Tree Committee at PavilionThis year the committee, led bytown arborist, Kevin Kielty, along with town's Public Works Department, observed Arbor Day in Holbrook Park on Wednesday, April 23. The group planted two Magnolia lobeneri (Leonard Messel) at the front of the Pavilion. They also planted five new Frontier elms in the park's elm grove and new live and valley oaks at Middlefield and Ravenswood in front of Menlo Atherton High School. A total of fourteen new trees. For more photos see Arbor Day 2014.





Arbor Day 2013

Arbor Day 2013 GroupOn Saturday, March 2, the committee and volunteers planted five deodora cedars in Holbrook-Palmer Park to improve screening between the park and Watkins Avenue. The trees continue a row of mature deodora cedars along the front of the park. The species is fast growing, long lived, and draught tolerant once established. The deodora cedars were recommended by the committee and approved by the Atherton Parks and Recreation Commission. For more photos see Arbor Day 2013.

The Tree Committee has celebrated Arbor Day every year since 1989. See photos of Arbor Day 2012.

Live Oak The Atherton Tree Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, community based organization dedicated to the preservation of Atherton's heritage trees. The committee participates in a variety of programs designed to educate residents about the value of trees in our environment and to encourage appreciation and protection of our urban forest resources. For more information about town ordinances, policies, inspections, and plan reviews contact the Atherton Town Arborist, Sally Bentz (650-752-0526, or link to the Town of Atherton Web Site. For more information about the Tree Committee contact Sally Bentz (650-752-0526,